Gert-Jan and Susie Rotscheid

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Gert-Jan and Susie started round dancing in 1984 and cueing and teaching in 1986. They have a Carousels Club in Holland and they are also in demand for numerous festivals throughout Europe. They have had the opportunity to teach in England, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, The Czech Republic, Austria, Belgium as well as in the States. They have taught at different week-long events in Europe and they are the organizers of Europe's biggest, longest-running Square and Round Dance week where they have continuous dance classes in 3 halls all day, and dancing in 3 halls each evening.

They enjoy choreography and one of their dances, "Calendar Girl", was chosen as a Round Dancer Magazine Classic and is now a Roundalab Golden Classic. Just a few of their choreographies include "The Rain Dance", "Sex Bomb", "Head Over Heels", "Spring", "Stranger on the Shore", "Todo 3", "Take It Easy Cha", "Green Peppers", "Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams", "42nd Street Quickstep", "Greensleeves", "A Time For Love III" and "The Wedding"..

They held the position of European RD Coordinator for 12 years; they decided not to run for the position any more since they will be spending more time in the States. When first acting in that position they established the European criteria for the accreditation program for cuers and teachers. At the request of the cuers from the British Association they helped establish the same type of system in England. They have organized and held teacher's schools in different European countries, and also organized the RD portion of ECTA's yearly education-seminar convention, where they gave seminars. They have been involved with ECTA's Education Program (EEP) and have written over 100 examination questions for EEP.

They have written a booklet and articles to help new cuers teach and plan their classes and have written teacher notes for ECTA's RD Council articles for the European dancers' magazine. A number of their articles are on their website (, that they maintain primarily to further RDing. Other articles they have written are published (in German and English) on the dancer's organizations website at

They are members of their European organization, ECTA, their local organization, NVSD, as well as ROUNDALAB, CALLERLAB (Gert-Jan has also been a caller), and ICBDA. They have served on the URDC-TAC committee and for RAL they have worked on the Classic Cues Standardization Committee and they have also worked with RAL to help develop a standard cue sheet template. They are now serving on the RAL Phase IV Committee.

Gert-Jan is a former amateur ballroom champion and has taken part in various competitions including the Open British Championships in Blackpool. His knowledge of figures, foot placement, body actions and technique have helped immensely in their round dance teaching. Together, in order to "keep up" and to get some dancing in themselves they take ballroom lessons.

Susie & Gert-Jan presently have the opportunity of spending about 1/2 the year in Holland, and 1/2 the year in the States. When in Holland, as well as getting to see their family and friends over there, they teach in various parts of Europe and run their own Carousels Club, #236. While in the States, they get to see their daughters & grandchildren. And they teach and cue at the Carousels club #69 in the Atlanta area, as well as travel, cue and teach throughout the States. (Aren't we lucky people !!)

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